Hello + 您好

My name is Zhenmin Li,  I am currently an UI/UX Designer at Twisthink, Holland, Michigan.

At work, I mainly work on web & digital screen user interface and interaction; visualize data & diagram; create journey map flow and icons; generate clickable web prototypes or after effect animations for both internal use and client’s requirements. In charge if twisthink official website. During after work hours, I spent most of my spare time to learn new software tools.

I am good at create innovative and intuitive user experiences in a variety of context which includes new interaction and interface for different target users.  I have ingenious understanding of the interaction which can create unique user experience for different stakeholders base on my strong problem-solution thinking. My specialties are addressing the pain-points, connecting the dots in big picture, conducting human center research, making interactive prototypes, creating elegant graphics; and visualizing complex data into easy understand graphics.

I am a very engaged team-player who speaks two languages and love to collaborate with different co-workers among different projects.


I had an industrial design bachelor degree from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. If you are interest what else I could do, you can visit my product portfolio page (Click to visit) . Beside design, I also like to make some video clips during my spare time. (Click to visit)

Please keep in touch!

Cell:    +1 217-979-8655

Email:    zhenmin123@gmail.com