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My name is Zhenmin Li,  I am currently an UX/UI Designer at Twisthink, Holland, Michigan.

At work, I mainly work on creating web & digital screen user (flow, interface and interaction) design; visualizing data & diagram; generating journey map flow and icons; develop clickable prototypes and After Effect animations for both internal use and client’s requirements. Also, in charge of twisthink official website.

I am good at creating innovative and intuitive user experiences in a variety of context which includes new interaction and interface for different target users.  I have ingenious understanding of the interaction which can create unique user experience for different stakeholders base on my strong design thinking.

My strength

Design research

Journey Map




Information Architecture

Interactive Prototyping

Data Visualization


Design thinking

Infographic (icon) design

Brand analyst

UX/UI tools


As a self-motivated learner, after work I spent most of my time to learn new design tools, sales psychology and communication skills. Most recently, I am exploring a quite hot and trendy topic called blockchain technology. I am a good team-player, because I think there are so much to learn from people with different majors / cultures. I am a Chinese who studied and worked in U.S. for 10 years, so I can speak both English and Chinese Mandarin professionally and fluently.

Thank you

(P.S.)I had an industrial design bachelor degree from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. If you are interested to know what I could do other than UX/UI, you can also visit my product portfolio page (Click to visit). Beside design, I also like to make some videos during my spare time. (Click to visit).