Intelligente Helmet

This project aimed to develop a combined brain-machine interface and visual feedback system for law enforcement officers. It is a winner of A'Design Award in Futuristic Design Category in 2013-2014 period with design #33171.

Project Inspiration:
Bringing together students from diverse areas such as engineering, neuroscience, and design, we hoped to develop new ways for humans to interact with artificial systems. We consider law enforcement, because it is a high stress environment that may benefit from improved human-computer interactions. Drawing on the expertise of our group, we developed a concept, grounded in science and engineering, for monitoring the physiological signals of these individuals while providing visual feedback.

BCI Helmet in Context_1.JPG
BCI Helmet in Context_2.JPG

Cliff Shin, James Norton, Erik Johnson, Shan Wei, Michelle Kwak and Zhenmin Li