Participating in MUJI AWARD 04 - Long Lasting Design for Living


Application 1 - 


Rice Bag 

EDGE 1.jpg

It is a common practice to transfer bags of rice into some sort of container for storage, but with the fast paced modern lifestyle, rice bags are often kept and used as the storage container.

Deriving from MUJI's "no waste" philosophy, our rice bag design consists of cardboard reinforcements at the corner. When the corner is torn off, the reinforcements allow the natural form to become a measuring cup.


Application 2 - 

+LESS  份

Ramen Condiment


95 billion servings of instant ramen are eaten every year, it is  without a doubt has became an essential part of most people's fast paced life style. People put various amount of ramen condimentaccordingly. In our design, the condiment packet is divided into two - a bigger portion and a smaller portion. The user add the desired amount of seasonings without wasting any, as the packaging seals the unused portion and saves them for later use. By breaking it into portions it gives people the choice of eating healthier. 


Application 3 - 


Chopstick Re-design

Rest 1&2.jpg
Rest 1&22.jpg

In conventional Asian table etiquette, the most appropriate way to place a pair of chopstick is by the use of the chopstick stand; however this convention meets its limitation in the fast-paced modern lifestyle. In modern life, it is no oddity to rest a pair of chopstick on top of the bowl or plate to keep the chopsticks from touching the surface of the table. Inspired by this thoughtless act, we find our way to a solution. By creating a soft indent on the chopstick. The chopsticks will comfortably rest on the bowl; the round design also allows it to roll into the position naturally


Application 4 - 

FILL  常滿

Rice Bucket

Inspiration of the design comes from the long-lived Buddhism philosophy known as "mǎn", meaningfulness and abundance. In Chinese local tradition, this philosophy is practiced by placing a red paper labeled "mǎn" on the side of the container. By simple adding a gradated frost finish onto the polypropylene, we achieve a look that indiscreetly blurs the top rim of the rice container. This creates an illusion of a rice container that is “full”.


Team Member: Manqian Qian, Shan Wei, Kaito Choy, Zhenmin Li

About the team: 

We are group of student designers based at Champaign-Urbana, USA. Due to our enthusiasm of MUJI's philosophy and commercial products, we wanted to challenge ourselves to design for the next MUJI products in China.