Company Background

Eaton, Inc. is in the business of design and manufacturing of emergency exit signs and lighting.

Project Background

For safety reasons, these lights need to continue to operate for 90 minutes in the case of an emergency power loss. There are various means for supplying this energy, but all of them need to be regularly tested to verify operational readiness. This process of testing and documenting the results is manually intensive, expensive and as a result is often omitted. Eaton desires to turn their emergency signs and lighting into a smart system that are wirelessly connected in a network. Smart products would automate the testing process and provide operational compliance.

Project Goal

The purpose of this phase of work is to assemble a demonstrable experience for the Light Fair trade show, which captures the essence of the “connected E-light” functionality and allows Eaton to tell the product story. This demonstration can then be a useful tool to generate market interest and validate the feature set of the system.

My Role

My responsibility is creating the Mobile App from start to finish. Identifying user scenarios; mapping out user flow; conducting low-to-high fidelity wireframes, designing the user interfaces and building interactive prototype.


According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 50% of businesses do not comply with the NFPA regulation to perform monthly tests on their emergency equipment. Lives are lost each year to emergency systems that were not maintained in proper working order.


Repair each fixture takes long period of time to diagnose, order parts, and install.

Record Retention needs administrative heavily manual inputs

Labor Needed to Perform Test, the work going from fixture to fixture is slow and tedious.

It’s hard to control the test time.

Proposed Solution

Mobile App Goal

stakeholder personas

Basic Level

1 User with < 30 Lights

  • Restaurant
  • Retail store
  • Small business
  • Does repairs himself / hands on
  • Keeps paper records
  • Meets with inspector annually
  • Compliance is a low priority

Middle Level

5 - 20 Users with < 200 Lights

  • Medium size business
  • Property mgmt company
  • Apartment building
  • Oversees building and financials
  • Outsources maintenance as needed
  • Keeps digital records locally
  • Maintains compliance for renters

Enterprise Level

100 Users with 1,000 Lights per Gateway

  • Large corporate office
  • Corporate factory
  • Corporate campus
  • Has facility maintenance department
  • Keeps digital records on corporate system
  • Conscious of code compliance
  • Has annual safety audits


experience map sketch

low FIDELITY wireframes


Fixture Detail

Order Page


Test Result




Fixture Detail

Order Page


Test Result



stakeholders' inputs

Based on the wireframe. we quickly built a color version for stakeholders to review. We guided them through every interaction between the pages, and they have provided many key insights and suggestions according to their years of work experience. There are features they would like to add or subtract from this original design.

final design

This app is developed for private demo purpose, due to the time and money constraints, we didn't spend too much time to create graphics and style guides for this user interface.  We mainly focused on stakeholder needs and product usability by listening to their voices. Every element in this design serves the purpose of delivering accurate and useful messages.


Final app design has been successfully implemented on the device, and Eaton's demonstrable IOT experience has generated lots of positive feedback and interest at the Light Fair trade show.

Thank you for watching!

Thank you for watching!